Show Review: MGMT at the Orpheum Theater 3/16

Story by Justin Cameron

MGMT never really left, but Little Dark Age feels like a comeback. Oracular Spectacular made them into indie rock gods, but they stepped away from the spotlight and Little Dark Age has brought them right back.

They opened to a sold-out crowd at the Orpheum Theater with the title track of their latest release, Little Dark Age, and from there they played a set heavy with songs from the new album. Peppered in throughout were the top hits from Oracular Spectacular: “Time to Pretend”, “Electric Feel”, and “Kids” kept the crowd moving, and deservingly received the most reaction. Most of the songs from the new album received a positive reaction with highlights being “James” and “Me and Michael.”

The band as a whole sounded great and was tight throughout their set while the new songs translated well to the live setting accompanied by some new, trippy visuals. Their sound could have easily been mistaken for someone just playing the record over speakers. The visuals (such as having a phone with familiar apps floating behind them during “TSLAMP”) added a new layer to their set and complimented the songs.

Armed with new songs and visuals, MGMT is on top of their game right now and is an absolute must see.