L.A. Salami and Cat Clyde Live From the Red Room

Tune in Tuesday, April 3rd @ 8 PM EST to birnCORE for a live broadcast from The Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring L.A. Salami and Cat Clyde.

L.A. Salami is a singer-songwriter from London, England, known for crafting magnetic blues/rock songs with a postmodern twist.

Most of his teens and early 20s were spent on the move, rarely settling in one place for more than few months. This lifestyle gave him a unique outlook which inspired lyrics and concepts in his songwriting. Hearing Bob Dylan on the radio led Salami to discovering and later exploring the blues and folk genres. He eventually had his first batch of songs, and decided to hit the road. Constant gigging paid off with an opening slot for Lianne La Havas. His performances were met with an overwhelmingly positive response which led to him signing with the independent London label, Camouflage Records.

Cat Clyde is a brand-new artist based out of Stratford, Ontario. Her music gives a unique spin on the singer-songwriter genre blending slide guitar, with minimalist accompaniment, and a smooth voice. Combining influences of everything from Etta James to Janis Joplin to Lead Belly, Cat Clyde’s music is unique, smooth gold.

Listen here.