Ruby’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/11-2/17)

OughtRoom Inside The World (post punk, art rock)

Ought’s latest album manages to be thrilling and repetitious at the same time. Room Inside The World incorporates more synths than Ought’s previous work without taking focus away from the unique guitar lines and idiosyncratic vocals.

Favorite Tracks: Disgraced In America, Take Everything, These 3 Things

Chemtrails – Calf of The Sacred Cow (Garage Rock, Pop)

If trash pop was an official genre, Chemtrails could be the textbook example. Calf of The Sacred Cow brings to mind the late great Jay Reatard but with a 21st century chip tune spin. As the band name might suggest, there’s a certain playfulness to the whines and snarls found in Chemtrails music. It is a thoroughly fun album without being annoyingly so.

Favorite Tracks: Killer or a Punchline, Watch Evil Grow, Milked