Liv’s Prime Slices of the Week (5/4-5/10): The Psychotic Monks, Nots

The Psychotic Monks – Private Meaning First – post-punk

Starting my prime slices with one of my all-time favorite bands: The Psychotic Monks. A French post-punk noise band with aspects of ambiance and ethereal moods, quartet Psychotic Monks have released their record Private Meaning First. The record that cradles you with hypnotic rhythms and sounds from an ethereal place. Private Meaning First, their second record, following Silence Slowly And Madly Shines, takes you through a journey that rattles you in your seat, with high quality guitar tones and production. It’s very hard to stray away from this band once you experience their art; it grabs you by the neck and pulls you in.

What I love most about this band is that they have mastered the art of “taming the chaos.” With sounds that are only created with psychotic minds, this group of four has mixed the perfect amount of structure with madness to pull even the average Joe into their cryptic sound. I hope to see them live in the future, but for now they are only playing shows in their homeland, France.

Nots – 3 – garage rock

Nots, a girl garage punk rock trio band, has announced their album 3 to be released on May 10. With singles in promotion for the album, “Floating Hand” and “Half Painted House,” the momentum couldn’t be stronger for their 3rd album. Nots has had many different manifestations, this being their official trio status, hence the name 3. The group has followed many different branches, but now includes front-woman guitarist, vocalist, and synth Natalie Hoffman, with Charlotte Watson on drums and Meredith Lones on bass. “Once we really leaned into the space that being a three-piece afforded us, our writing started to make better sense and connect,” explained guitarist-keyboardist-vocalist Natalie Hoffmann in the band’s press release. “It made for a more interesting record than if we stayed comfortable and safe in the way we were writing.”

With a stripped back production sound, and the gritty sounds of Hoffman’s guitar perfectly in sync with Watson’s attack on drums and subtleness of Lones on bass, this record promises unearthing guitar squalls and piercing vocal melodies. This is a band to watch in 2019, so don’t miss this release!

Review by: Liv Field