Liv’s Prime Slices (4/20 – 4/26): Wand, Amyl and The Sniffers

Wand – Laughing Matter – psych rock

The band Wand releases their album Laughing Matter and it is a haunting collection of songs that is marked by the confidence and fervor of a band that has grown together throughout the years of dedicated jamming, recording, and touring across the world. Having already released four records, Laughing Matter takes an obvious turn with the more ambient and synthetic songs. Yet it’s still keen to their hand-crafted rock ‘n’ roll sound they have so meticulously crafted, creating a different atmosphere that highlights the changes this band has gone through. My favorite tracks off the album are “Scarecrow” and “Wonder.” “Scarecrow” starts the album with their classic psych rock feel, but infused with sounds of Radiohead, giving it an unworldly sound. “Wonder” starts out with a heavy distorted guitar, giving it that gritty rock texture, with a powerful melody, reminds me I’m listening to true rock stars. Wand says, “Laughing Matter is a record about love in a time of terror; it calls you down from panic room labyrinths, to work the deep tissue of unraveling trauma we all carry so dear.”

Amyl and The Sniffers – “Got You” – punk rock

Hailing from down under in the east coast of Australia, Amyl and The Sniffers have released their single “Got You” from their self-titled debut album out may 24th via ATO Records. Needless to say, once you hear or see this band, you’ll understand the buzz they have been creating. Their reputation for raucous garage-punk mayhem has gathered much attention around the world, with even Pitchfork exclaiming, “singer Amy Taylor has cemented her rock star status.” “Got You” follows a classic punk rock guitar tone, with a catchy hook that repeats “I got you” as though you have a private show with a fresh mosh right in your own bedroom.  If you have the chance to see ATS live, and you enjoy a good punk rock show, buy your tickets in advance because these mullet stars guarantee you a rockin’ performance.

Review by: Liv Field