Live performance by Regina Crisosto airs on BIRN Global this week through March 25

Vocalist, arranger and songwriter Regina Crisosto is a current Berklee student hailing from Chile. A mix of R&B, Latin, electronic, and jazz, her style is sophisticated and her use of electronic sounds creates a grooving soundscape. Singing mostly in Spanish, her melodies are unique and catchy and her voice is soothing and refined.

Regina is currently working on her new EP and her live performance at the BIRN Global features some new music as well as her recently released single “Animal.”

Tune in for an exclusive live performance on the BIRN Global station. To take a listen, be sure to tune in during the following times:

Sun, March 18


Mon, March 19


Tue, March 20


Wed, March 21


Thu, March 22


Fri, March 23


Sat, March 24


Playing now through March 25.