Electric Odyssey

Your #1 destination for the best in electronic music! Grab the best headphones you’ve got and plug in for weekly mixes from DJs Yung Sensei and Kastelo. Also look forward to in-depth discussions on featured artists and albums, music production techniques, and the scene’s latest news.

Genres: Electronic/Dance

Kickin’ It With Kuczynski

​Kickin’ It With Kuczynski is a show for the people who don’t listen to a specific genre of music all the time. Each week there will be a new theme that the show is based around, from “Ladies of Rock” to “Songs That Start With ‘k'”. The genres can range from pop punk to barbershop quartets in one show! Tune in for the fun, and eclectic madness that will surely ensue. 

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Live shows are archived for two weeks. Listen on Radio Free America!

Techno with DJ Steve MIlan

Steve Milan is an Italian Techno Dj. Steve, coming from the Italian city where electronic and techno music is a huge part of the local scene, is going to bring you into a journey of discovery and appreciation of the genre. Steve Milan show will showcase a refined techno musical selection and he’s going to introduce you to some of the best producers and engineer of the Boston local scene. TUNE IN!


Tune in to ElectriCute! for a dose of the cutest music curations by DJ dolltr!ck. Every week offers a sweet selection of ear candy sifted from various electronic-based genres, ranging from Dutch House to Korean Pop to good ol’ modular synthesizer music. We’ll delve into some of the production aspects of featured tunes, and discuss the latest developments in electronic music from across the globe. Listen out for each show’s Berklee Electronic Artist of the Room (BEAR) whose works will be put in the spotlight! ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ

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By The Way

By The Way is a vibrant show targeted to lovers of all mediums of art. We aim to educate the audience through music, introduction to new artists, and tackling important current issues and events in the current music industry.

Live performance by Regina Crisosto airs on BIRN Global this week through March 25

Vocalist, arranger and songwriter Regina Crisosto is a current Berklee student hailing from Chile. A mix of R&B, Latin, electronic, and jazz, her style is sophisticated and her use of electronic sounds creates a grooving soundscape. Singing mostly in Spanish, her melodies are unique and catchy and her voice is soothing and refined. Continue reading “Live performance by Regina Crisosto airs on BIRN Global this week through March 25”


Tune in for top picks made in and inspired by Tel Aviv’s indie music scene. Emirate is a journey into the sounds of the raddest city in the Middle East and beyond.

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Dr. Beat

Providing live mixes from his DJ controller in the studio, Dr. Beat is your guide to some of the grooviest and hippest music out there, both mainstream and underground. For an hour once a week, tune in to bop your heads to some dope beats, discover some new music, or hear some of Berklee’s finest rappers & MC’s spit a live freestyle.

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Happier Hour

An epic-power-hour filled with tunes and talks designed for the ultimate transition into your weekend. This show led by BIRN legends Nilsen and JC features the songs that you want to hear as well as the ones that you need to.  Nilsen and JC are always open to song requests if you need to hear that guilty pleasure and they take calls if you are dying to have your voice heard. You never know what might happen during the show; unlike the bars, this show has no age limit.

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