Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/24-2/29): Pinegrove, Younger Hunger

PinegroveMarigold – indie rock

Indie rock band Pinegrove has a mesmerizing sound, and their latest album, Marigold, is a prime example of this captivating sound. Featuring various influences across several decades, Marigold has a wonderfully eclectic feel. Each track on the album takes an honest tone, as lead singer Evan Stephens uses everyday language to create lyrics that are unique to Pinegrove. The fifth track on the album, “Moment”, is outstanding. The band does an amazing job of letting the song breathe, all while sharing a story of everyday anxieties. The lyrics match the music perfectly, and they work together to create a true work of art. Another song on the album that stands out is “Dotted Line”. In this song, Pinegrove creates a great introduction to the album. The music starts off simply, but smoothly builds to a sound that features the band’s power. These songs are just two examples of Marigold‘s greatness – each song on the album is incredible. Give Pinegrove‘s Marigold a listen below!

Younger Hunger – “Second Best” [single] – indie rock

Younger Hunger’s “Second Best” is here to give listeners a cool, laidback, and modern indie hit. The lyrics tell a classic story of falling for a friend and longing to admit these feelings. This timeless story pairs perfectly with the track’s simple vocals, light synths, and catchy groove. Each of these features in “Second Best” comes together to create an unassuming air that is both relatable and catchy. Put simply, Younger Hunger is a fun and likable group, and their latest single highlights this flawlessly. Check out “Second Best” below!