Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (9/22-9/28): Arsun, Hana Vu

Arsun – “Dead Sixty-Six” [single] – rock

Arsun’s new single “Dead Sixty-Six” is wonderfully reminiscent of the early days of rock. Clean guitars and a simple drum beat come together perfectly to create a 1960’s-style track, while Arsun’s modern vocals are showcased over the instruments. Set at a medium tempo and featuring such relaxing and familiar tones, “Dead Sixty-Six” is easy listening that anyone can enjoy. The single is not without surprises, though! “Dead Sixty-Six” treats listeners to a harmonica solo in an exciting twist. Don’t miss out on Arsun’s artistry – give “Dead Sixty-Six” a listen!

Hana Vu – “Actress” [single] – indie pop


Hana Vu was an exciting discovery this week. Her single, “Actress”, is a beautifully light-hearted and groovy tune. When listening to it, it’s not unlikely to find yourself nodding along to the funky bass line and warm brass sounds. Vu’s voice is unlike many other artists, with a lower and amazingly unique timbre. Her single highlights this unique timbre, and it’s hard not to fall in love with her voice. Overall, “Actress” is an extremely catchy and creative song. Check it out below!