Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (8/5-8/9): Will Johnson, Husky Loops

Will Johnson – “Cornelius” [single] – indie folk

Will Johnson’s “Cornelius” is unlike any song. The track proudly shows off folk roots with group vocals and tambourine, but also ventures into rock with a lead guitar that balances out a mellow acoustic guitar and vocal melodies. Johnson’s use of a wide instrumentation gives “Cornelius” a welcoming sound that will make you feel like you’re sitting around a campfire with your friends. It definitely creates a musical journey for listeners that stands out from a lot of today’s music. Experience Johnson’s incredible songwriting and give “Cornelius” a listen!

Husky Loops – “I Think You’re Wonderful” – alt pop

Combining traditional and modern influences, Husky Loops’ “I Think You’re Wonderful” is an exciting new release in the alt pop genre. The single showcases Husky Loops’ ability to create multiple moods within the same song. While the verses give listeners (and the music) a chance to breathe, the choruses give listeners more of an upbeat party vibe. A prominent bass line and electronic elements come together to make the chorus especially catchy and memorable. It’s hard not to get this one stuck in your head! Don’t miss out on such a fun song – check out “I Think You’re Wonderful” below!