Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (6/17-6/21): Aron Blom, Esther Rose

Aron Blom “King Kong” [single] – indie pop

Aron Blom is an artist with a distinct and beautiful voice that you’ll want to sit and listen to all day long. His new single “King Kong” shows off his smooth voice, as well as some great production. The song takes listeners on a musical journey as multiple layers come together seamlessly to give them exactly what they want, without being predictable. It starts with simple instrumentation that focuses on a guitar line and Blom’s voice, and quickly grows into a musical masterpiece that’ll make you want to dance. It even has a brass-y surprise for you at the end! I cannot recommend this single enough – check it out below!

Esther Rose “Handyman” [single] – Americana/country

On her new single “Handyman,” Esther Rose gives listeners a lighthearted story about new love. The cute story paired with intriguing fiddle lines make the song memorable, and you’ll be singing along with her classic country style harmonies on the first listen! “Handyman” perfectly blends older and newer sounds to create a catchy modern tune that anyone can enjoy. Simply put, Rose’s single is perfectly cheerful and playful. I highly recommend giving it a listen!