Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/5-4/10): Affectionately, Perfume Genius

Affectionately – “prettiest part of me” [single] – indie

The up-and-coming Affectionately is an artist to watch, and his single “prettiest part of me” is a song to listen to. With funky effects, laid-back vocals, and lovable lyrics, this song will be stuck in your head all afternoon. In “prettiest part of me”, Affectionately does an outstanding job of putting his own spin on the indie sound through mixing clips of conversations and watery guitar melodies with more familiar techniques. The end product is a song that is memorable and different. There are so many unique features to discover on this track. Check out Affectionately and “prettiest part of me” below!

Perfume Genius – “On the Floor” [single] – indie pop

Perfume Genius by Emma McIntyre Main.jpg

Perfume Genius latest single “On the Floor” is an electric and thrilling tune that sets a great tone for the iconic artist’s upcoming album, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately (to be released May 15th). The electronic instruments give the track a fun and airy feel that is enriched by the upbeat 6/8 meter. The best part of “On the Floor”, however, isn’t the instrumentation (although, the instrumentation is perfect for the song). The best part is Perfume Genius‘ voice; his voice and harmonies contrast with the synths and warm up the sound, and his catchy lyrics fit in beautifully with the world he creates. In short, “On the Floor” is 3:45 of musical fun, and it is definitely worth checking out. Give Perfume Genius a listen below!