Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/12-4/17): Vlossom, Robotaki

VlossomMy Friend – electronic

Australian duo Vlossom is a new formation in the music industry, and their debut EP My Friend is a strong introduction. The duo has put itself on the map with a sound that blurs the lines between the pop, electronic, and indie worlds. There are a total of six tracks on My Friend, and each one is new and unfamiliar in the best way possible. Two of my personal favorite songs are “Gotta Prepare For This” and “Missing You”. A chill beat, Seinfeld-like bass, and ethereal vocals make “Gotta Prepare For This” stand out, and an eye-catching video for the song is an added bonus (be sure to check it out below). Following right after “Gotta Prepare For This” is “Missing You”, which falls more on Vlossom’s pop side. A catchy chorus, full harmonies, and light synths give the track a more cheerful tone. Be sure to give these tracks (and the remaining four) a listen! Check out My Friend below!

RobotakiThe Grand Mirage – electronic

Canadian producer and DJ Robotaki has released even more incredible music into the world. His latest release, The Grand Mirage, shows his skill as a producer, as he seems to effortlessly bring together several effects and techniques to showcase his style. Almost half of the album is a collaboration with other artists, giving each track its own character and personality. Each song is a strong testament to the featured artist’s (and Robotaki’s) individuality. The song “Dreamcatcher (ft. Miko)” is a great example of this; it perfectly illustrates Robotaki’s creativity with new sounds and samples, as well as Miko’s own smooth sound. Put simply, “Dreamcather” is an amazing collaboration – one of many on The Grand Mirage. Check it out below!