Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (3/1-3/6): Opus Orange, Hello Forever

Opus OrangeMiles From Nowhere – folk rock

From ambient drums and layered harmonies, to electronic effects and driving melodies, Opus Orange’s Miles From Nowhere really has something for everyone. The album shows off an eclectic voice, featuring influences ranging from folk, electronic, rock, to pop. One of the most prominent features of Miles From Nowhere is its upbeat tone; each track pushes you forward into the next. One of my personal favorites on the album is “Add up the Years”. The song is one of the more folkier tracks on Miles From Nowhere, as it highlights slightly more rugged lead vocals, full background vocals, and a heavy kick drum. Each element gives the song a natural and exciting feeling. The second song on the album, “Tell It Like It Is”, feels more like an indie rock song with electronic influences. In this song, melodies flow, while synths fill space, and the drums lock everything in perfectly. Overall, Opus Orange’s Miles From Nowhere is a fun listen that any listener can enjoy! Check it out below!

Hello Forever Whatever It Is – indie pop

Indie group Hello Forever is here to give listeners a taste of Summer to get them through the Winter. Their latest release, Whatever It Is, has a strong, positive, and warm tone that is sure to brighten up your day. Each song has a new and cheerful tale to tell, and one of the stories that stands out is in the track “Created For Your Love”. A simple and sanguine tune complete with tambourine, 70’s-like vocals, and electric guitar, it stands out on the album because it sounds so unlike today’s music. The track “Rise” contrasts with “Created For Your Love”, as it sounds a little more modern (while still maintaining its own unique personality). It has a catchy chorus and somewhat minimalist mood that is refreshing. These songs accompany several other great tracks, like “Some Faith” and “Colors In The Sky”, to make a truly great album. Say hello to Hello Forever and give Whatever It Is a listen below!