Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (12/23-12/28): Wye Oak, Ollie

Wye Oak – “Fortune” [single] – indie rock

Indie rock duo Wye Oak are here to shake up the indie rock genre with their latest single “Fortune”. Jenn Wasner’s captivating vocals and catchy bass lines matched with Andy Stack’s unfaltering drum grooves give the track a mysterious feel. The lyrics further establish the mystery of “Fortune”, as they take a dark and enigmatic tone. Wye Oak did an outstanding job of creating a sound that transcends the typical indie rock borders; “Fortune” is alluring in every aspect, and listeners are bound to sing along. Simply put, it’s a great song from a great band. Check out Wye Oak‘s “Fortune” below!

Ollie – “Broken Down” [single] – hip hop

Ollie‘s single “Broken Down” is extremely personal and emotional. In the song, Ollie tackles ideas of depression and struggling to move on from pain. The emotion in “Broken Down” is so raw, and the vulnerable nature of the track is clear in his voice and lyrics. Distant guitars, longing strings, and haunting harmonies create a cold and detached world that embody depression. Ollie has accomplished an amazing feat in so openly rapping about his fight for mental health in “Broken Down”. It’s a relevant topic that several listeners will be able to relate to and understand, and Ollie‘s willingness to create this song as an outlet for himself and others is admirable. Give “Broken Down” a listen below!