Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/3-2/8): Bombay Bicycle Club, Transviolet

Bombay Bicycle ClubEverything Else Has Gone Wrong – indie rock

Bombay Bicycle Club is back from its hiatus, and the indie rock group is better than ever. The band has returned with a glorious reintroduction and album, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong. The album features lovable indie grooves and a current sound with synths, loops, relatable lyrics, and even some tambourine. Simply put, the album has a sleek modern sound with something for everyone, and the lyrics stand toe-to-toe with the album’s sound. The title track of the album reflects the importance of music in unsettling times. It’s a very self-aware song, and Bombay Bicycle Club‘s writing definitely stands out against the background of today’s sound. The sixth track on the album, “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)”, also does a great job of highlighting the band’s incredible writing. In less than four minutes, the group uses untraditional song forms and distinct lyrics to create a work of art that is both intriguing and exciting. Overall, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong is exhilarating from beginning to end – there really is no group quite like Bombay Bicycle Club. Be sure to give them a warm welcome back to the world of music and give Everything Else Has Gone Wrong a listen!

TransvioletBorn To Rule – electronica

Electronica band Transviolet can hold their own in several genres, and their album Born To Rule is proof of that. With pop vocals, funky bass lines, and electronic beats, the group highlights their versatility musically. The lyrics throughout the album, on the other hand, highlight the band’s lyrical skills, as they smoothly go between several subject matters. Songs like “Don’t Say You Love Me” and “Don’t Do Me Like That” are modern love songs, while song such as “Born To Rule” and “Money Money” tackle tougher topics like the state of the world and self-empowerment. Each track features a new strength, and as a listener, it’s fun to see Transviolet‘s creativity and versatility grow with each song. In short, Transviolet  has a refreshing and evolving sound. Check out Born To Rule below!