Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/17-2/22): Àsgeir, flor

Àsgeir Bury The Moon – folk

Àsgeir is here to give listeners a little taste of Iceland with Bury The Moon. The album is a stunning folk homage from beginning to end, as Àsgeir gracefully unites traditional folk influences with modern, electronic folk influences. His pure voice and poetic lyrics shine in each song, enhancing the album’s beauty. The first track on Bury The Moon, “Pictures”, stands out among the rest (although, they’re all incredible). Beginning with simple piano, brushes, acoustic and electric guitar, Àsgeir establishes a cold musical scene that sets up his incredible lyrics perfectly. Although the track takes a darker tone, it features wise lyrics that assert a positive message of unity. The lyrics of “Until Daybreak” offset “Pictures” in a pleasing way; they work to tell a more concrete image about uncertain love. The track also features eclectic contemporary sounds that give the song a cool, modern edge. In short, Àsgeir is an extremely talented artist with an amazing album. Give Bury The Moon a listen below!

flor ley lines – indie pop

Indie pop group flor‘s latest release, ley lines, is one of the most colorful albums out right now. Each track is a journey with new combinations of pleasing melodies, ethereal guitars, iconic bass lines, bold drums, and airy synths. Zach Grace’s voice is so unlike all other singers in the indie realm, and songs like “dancing around” really highlight his unique tone. If his voice doesn’t get you “dancing around”, then the track’s groove definitely will. Another great song off ley lines is “white noise”. Although it contrasts greatly with “dancing around”, they complement each other wonderfully. With slightly darker and more mysterious lyrics, it balances out the charisma of “dancing around” with a more personal message. One of the most exciting characteristics of ley lines is that each song has its own personality, yet they all contribute to an overall feel-good tone that defines the album. With such an upbeat, creative, and fresh sound, it’s hard not to fall in love with flor. Don’t miss out on the crazy and fun world of flor – check out ley lines below!