Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (12/9-12/14): Colony House, Will Samson

Colony House – “Original Material” [single] – indie rock

Colony House‘s latest single “Original Material” is a song to sing along with. The track is wonderfully reminiscent of the early days of the indie rock scene, while still bringing a fresh sound to the Nashville music scene. Colony House has definitely created an indie rock anthem with “Original Material” that anyone can enjoy – complete with clean guitars, simple vocal effects, and harmonies. The verses are full of colorful and creative lyrics, and the chorus is incredibly catchy; the fun never ends in “Original Material”! Give it a listen below!

Will SamsonParalanguage – indie

Will Samson is an incredibly creative artist with a lot to say, and his new album Paralanguage highlights this. Samson‘s sound is so incredibly unique, drawing from electronic, folk, and alternative influences. His album Paralanguage is filled with beautiful arrangements that seamlessly bring these varied influences together with strings, electronic beats, and ethereal vocals. Through his varied techniques and instrumentation, he creates a peaceful (and almost otherworldly) sound. The track “Ochre Alps” is just one example of Samson‘s unique style, as he sings folk lyrics over layered string pads, his own voice, and simple electric guitar. Another standout track from Paralanguage is “Flowerbed”. Samson does an amazing job of creating a kind of modern-day symphony in a 5-minute song. He takes the time to create an experience for listeners, and his artistry and musical voice are nothing short of inspiring. Be sure to check out Paralanguage below!