Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (1/20-1/24): Bag Raiders, José James

Bag RaidersHorizons – electronic

Bag Raiders‘ album Horizons is a bold and modern development in the world of electronic music. The Australian duo’s latest release smoothly blends pop and house, acoustic and electronic. Tracks like “I Need You” illustrate Bag Raiders‘ eclectic influences, as layered harmonies float over an electronic beat, acoustic guitar, and synths. Aside from featuring various musical techniques and styles, Horizons also does an amazing job of highlighting different moods throughout. While tracks like “Back To Myself” take a slightly darker and edgier tone, tracks like “Lightning” contrast with a cheerful, major sound. Overall, Horizons is overflowing with creativity, and it’s quite an exciting find for listeners. Give it a listen below!

José James – “I Need Your Love” [single] – soul

José James’ single “I Need Your Love” is a laid-back soul tune that is overflowing with talent. The track creates an interesting sonic palette for the genre. It starts off with acoustic guitar and slowly builds its way up to a full sound, complete with brass, harmonies, and some groovy bass. Ledisi and Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah join James on the track, and the blend between the artists’ voices and trumpet is unparalleled. The tasteful instrumentation and writing make “I Need Your Love” a truly special and memorable song. Give it a listen below!