Erin’s Top Picks of the Week

Smokey Brights – Come To Terms EP [try 1, 3] // alt rock

Come To Terms is a fairly short album that has a super relaxed groove throughout. You can really feel the chemistry between lead singers, Ryan Devlin and Kim West. Together, they are able to create a tame, yet cool indie/alternative sound while alluding to the days of 70’s psychedelic rock.

Uni – What’s The Problem? [try 1, 2] // indie rock

Apparently the music video for track two is pretty trippy, but then again, so is Uni. They create an effortless, dream-like atmosphere in the two track album that almost reminds me of an alternative version of the Beatles. Musically, “What’s The Problem” is easy to listen to, but if you pay attention, the lyrics hold a quite ominous message.

Abhi the Nomad – Marbled [try 3, 4, 6, 8] // indie hip hop

If you’re into Chance the Rapper or Rex Orange County, you’ll probably enjoy listening to Abhi the Nomad. I personally really enjoy hip hop that borrows influences from indie rock, and “Marbled” is just a really fun, relatable, and well produced album. I’ve been a fan of Abhi the Nomad since he released “Sex n’ Drugs” as a single a few months ago, and I really recommend giving this album a listen.