Erin’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/18-2/25)

Jonathan Wilson – Rare Birds // ambient rock

While Wilson has such a clear and intense technical ability, I think the real core of his talent lies in his ability to transfer such soul into his projects. “Rare Birds” has all the emotion and power of Rock n’ Roll with a swirl of ambience in the mix – creating a sound that is both reminiscent and impossible to compare. Its classic rock from an alternate universe with drum machines and synthscapes that take you down roads you didn’t know existed. The goal of “Rare Birds” seems to be the overall impact of the sound and all of the moving parts within each track – give it a listen to experience it yourself.

Favorite Tracks: Over the Midnight, Miriam Montague Loving You, Living With Myself

Listen Here:

Jean Tonique – Well Mannered Frivolity // 70s funk, hip hop, dance

This album is full of cool, funky bass lines and talk box features – two things I’ve been very into lately. Jean Tonique is a french producer that has really been making a name for himself – supported by BBC Radio 1 and a regular on Hype Machine’s Top. The extremely danceable techno beats mixed with some killer dynamics will make you want to jump out of your seat. While it is clear that his music has a definite 70s/80s funk influence mixed with hip hop, Tonique is trying to refrain from defining his genre. Whatever it is, I’m into it.

Favorite Tracks: Something to Talk About, Feel Better Now, The Party (ft. Debeull), No Worries (ft. Larry Houl), Take Control (ft. Piedbois)

Listen Here:


Rhye – Blood // electronic, r&b, indie 

This album is so chill and subtlety R&B that you probably wouldn’t even notice. Members Milosh and Robin Hannibal are able to create such an intimate, feminine listening experience with enchanting lead vocals and perfectly composed string accompaniment in every track. The beat is soft, yet driven – you simply sway and bob through each track until the album is completed.

Favorite Tracks: Waste, Taste, Count to Five, Stay Safe, Pheonix

Listen Here: