Erin’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/25-3/4)

Superorganism – Superorganism // experimental electro

Superorganism’s self titled album is a wild ride from start to finish, filled with all of the strange little moments that make the band unlike other electronic artist. Their music is a living thing that breathes and changes with every sample and synth dip. Lead singer, Orono Noguchi, presents such lazy, carefree vocals that juxtapose perfectly with the intricate and surprising arrangements and production. Check out the video below to see a really cool live performance of “Something For Your Mind,” an earlier single, and “Nobody Cares.”
Favorite Tracks: Everybody Wants To Be Famous, Nobody Cares, The Prawn Song
Dick Stusso  – In Heaven // alternative country/blues rock 
Simple and laid back, this album is full of emotion and great stories. Distortion and warble-y  guitars mix with Stusso’s soulful vocals, creating a style that has the effect of the blues, without being entirely bluesy. You can definitely feel the pain and expression in his lyrics and voice, especially when he sings down in his lower register. Tracks like “Addendum” definitely have more of a country feel and sound like they should be played in the background of a saloon scene in an old western film. Overall, In Heaven is an album of redemption for Stusso, and I recommend giving it a listen.
Favorite Tracks: Well Acquainted, The Bullshit Century Pt. 1, Modern Music, In Heaven, Addendum
Partials – Glossolalia // synth pop
Partials is a classic synth pop band, and there are some great hooks on this album. Tracks like “Man Made Machine” and “Strange Loops” are seriously simple, but its the subtlety in each background vocal and guitar lick that creates such a smooth and soothing listening experience. “Tear Drum” brings in a hint of funk, almost unrecognizable beneath the in-your-face synth. Although there isn’t much complexity in form, each track is puts you in a dreamy trance that just feels right.
Favorite Tracks: Fear Of Silence, Anemoia, Polygot