Erin’s Prime Slices (9/20): Tirzah, Odesza

Tirzah – Devotion (synth, British R&B)

Repetitive yet entirely unpredictable, Devotion is a wild ride from start to finish. Tirzah’s vocals are raw and soulful amidst some seriously hypnotic synthesizers. While tracks like “Say When” feature a simple repeated arpeggiated piano line beneath solo vocals, others such as “Holding On” involve a bit more production and moving parts. Overall, a very interesting listen I would recommend anyone try out.

Odesza – Loyal (electronic)

Premiering this most recent single all the way back in 2015, Odesza has finally officially release “Loyal” so fans can cease the consistent bootlegging that has ensued. Their latest full length album, A Moment Apart, dazzled audiences, and this single was not a disappointing follow up in the slightest. The build that Odesza is able to create time and time again is an art at this point, and beautifully showcased in this tune.