Erin’s Prime Slices (9/13): Iron & Wine, Donnie Law

Iron & Wine – Weed Garden (indie folk rock)

Contrary to the implications presented by the title, Iron & Wine’s latest album, “Weed Garden”,  is full of beauty and demands to be appreciated. With echoing vocals, layers of percussive guitar lines, and unsettling strings, the album ebbs and flows between suspense and delicate satisfaction. Iron & Wine stays true to the warm sound that they have been known for since day one in this latest release.

Donnie Law – Clouds Keep Repeating EP (sad indie singer-songwriter)

If Bob Dylan ever got into the world of ASMR, this is what it would sound like. Donnie Law whispers into your headphones, speaking melodically about his stories of woe. Tracks like “Getting to You” demonstrate Law’s wonderfully lazy vocals perfectly while accentuating his focus on the guitar playing. Light harmonies finish this dreamy, bedroom-recorded EP, adding yet another layer of intimacy. The album is simple, but thats the point.