Curtis’ Prime Slices (3/2 – 3/8): The Dip, Benny Sings

The Dip – Delivers! – (Motown / Rock)

This week was one of those weeks that didn’t have a lot to work with. That being said, I’ve been blessed with two solid albums to talk about. First up is The Dip who have created a nice blend of 60’s Motown and rock ‘n’ roll for their second LP The Dip Delivers!. The entire album is packed with high energy, punchy lyrics, and a sweet, sweet horn section. This group of guys have really tapped into a good groove with their songs and it sounds like they have fun playing together. They can put you on your feet with songs like “Sure Don’t Miss You” and “Advertising” but can have you slow dancing on “Atlas” and “Adeline.” This might be one of my top picks for the end of the year, mark my words!

Benny Sings – City Pop –  (indie funk pop)

This next album is by a funky fresh scruffy ginger by the name of Tim van Berkestijn, better known as Benny Sings. Tim, now the ripe age of 42, hails from the Netherlands and has been producing since 2003. This is his eighth studio album, and song after song the grooves go really hard. It makes you do that thing where you do the worm to the beat with your whole upper body (maybe that’s just me). But anyway, I don’t think he’s been getting enough attention and you should give him some. Check it out!