Curtis’ Prime Slices (11/4 – 11/10): WAAX, Mike Molnar

   WAAX – Wild & Weak EP – (Hard Rock)

On Tuesday, female fronted hard rock band WAAX gave me a good start to my shift with their new EP, Wild & Weak. I got that excited feeling that happens when you first listen to something really good. And it happened for every song. The release holds so much energy in each track that it feels like you’re listening to a live show. The drums are well rounded and sound full, the guitars are punchy and tight, and the vocals are raw and in your face. None of these songs sound out of place or thrown in. they sound like they’ve been shedding these tunes for awhile and needless to say, it’s paid off.

 Mike Molnar – Far Toward Sundown – (Instrumental)

Now this was a first for me today. Mike Molnar’s Far Toward Sundown is an entire album of original finger style guitar songs. Any fan of Chet Atkins or Berklee’s own Guy Van Duser will absolutely dig this. Each track has a very distinct and interesting progression and the melody to match. Something that I love is how expressive each song is. The names aren’t just there for distinction but for context. The first track, “(Nothing Happening) At The Present Time,” which I will admit is an odd choice for an opener, feels lazy and drags on like a rainy Sunday. The tune “I’ve Been Waiting For You” has a soulful and loving sound to it as though written for a significant other. It’s wonderful listening music and I strongly encourage you to check this guy out!