Curtis’ Prime Slices (11/11 – 11/17): Poppy, Y La Bamba

Poppy – Am I A Girl? – (future pop)

Probably one of the more memorable albums of this year is Poppy’s second album Am I A Girl?. After the first record it was hard to tell where she would go stylistically and the answer is heavier and even more strange. Going track by track, each one has a distinct theme, whether it be poking fun at pop culture or even herself, they’re all adding to the robotic character that is Poppy. The Song “Time Is Up (feat. Diplo)” describes her waking up in the factory she was made in and finding herself in a dying world she doesn’t understand; eventually saying there’s no going back and that humankind will inevitably be erased. The title track then talks about her programming not being able to process whether she’s a boy or a girl despite everyone saying she’s a girl. Now, as far as genre, the album is pretty consistent. That is until the last two songs. “Play Destroy (feat. Grimes)” starts as what seems like a heavy metal song, then breaking to this sickly sweet bubblegum chorus describing these sadistic tendencies to want to destroy the world around her as a game, possibly speaking on the cruel ways of human beings in the modern day. Last is “X” which has the same switch between metal and innocent chorus, but even more so. It’s a genuinely scary song and I’m still not sure what it means.

The production on this record is amazing and the songs are fresh as ever. If you don’t know Poppy I recommend starting with some of her earlier tracks like “Low Life” and “Computer Boy.” Regardless, this is worth a ton of listens!

     Y La Bamba – Mujeres (Single) – (alternative indie)

Not a lot of music can follow that of Poppy’s but Y La Bamba’s new single does just that. “Mujeres,” which translates to “Women,” is a powerful new song consisting of only beating drums and a handful of vocalists that all seem to chant in harmony. The song speaks on frontwoman Luz Elena Mendoza’s personal experiences with misogynistic men and the frustration and anger that comes out of it for many women all over the world. The track begs to be shouted for everyone to hear, carrying a universal message of, “I am not your object, I am intelligent, strong, full of heart, emotional, powerful and brave.” Check it out!