Curtis’ Prime Slices (10/2 – 10/6): Hotel Mira, Husky Loops

     Hotel Mira – Hotel Mira EP – (Modern Rock)

Having been a fan of these guys ever since they started (originally under the name JPNSGRLS), I was very excited when I saw their newest EP pop into my E-mail. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, my very own hometown, Hotel Mira are nothing less than a power house band. They kick down the door and have everyone on their feet after the first song. The main thing I love about everything they put out is their wanting to convey a message and not revert to typical bubblegum lyricism. The first single, “3AM Lullaby,” seems to have an overarching theme of the pain in trying to find a comfortable life. Most kids live a pretty sedated life growing up with not a whole lot of responsibility other than school. Getting thrown into the open world with little training is scary for most and the urgency to get back to a stress free life can be overwhelming. Now go relax check this EP out!

   Husky Loops – “Everytime I Run” [Single] (Indie Pop)

Accompanied with a photo I’m both creeped out by and in love with is the Husky Loops newest song “Everytime I Run.” The best part about listening to the endless supply of new music we get is finding gems like these. This is a super fun tune that drives the whole way through. This song is so fantastic that it’s even in the FIFA 2019 soundtrack! Their sound is not something you hear everyday and has elements similar to “Superorganism.” I’m not sure if it’s the droning bass in the chorus or the simplicity of the verse but this song deserves some more attention.