Curtis’ Prime Slices (3/16 – 3/22): Sego, CHAI

Sego – “Shame” – (indie punk rock)

For some reason I completely forgot about this song until I went to write these prime slices today. It’s odd since this is definitely my favorite song that’s come in thus far this year. Sego is a four piece from Los Angeles with a really fun, zany, and thumping sound. The vocalist’s style reminds me a lot of Beck but thankfully not in the rip off kinda way. The song is really entertaining throughout and hits hard with the chorus, making it such a good ear worm. This is the first single off their upcoming album Sego Sucks, coming out April 5th on Roll Call Records. It also comes with an awesome music video that pairs with the song really well. Check ’em out!

CHAI – Punk – (J-rock/pop rock)

After reviewing CHAI’s first single “Fashionista,” I’ve been waiting aimlessly for this album. It’s finally out and it really pulled through! This album packs so much energy and power it puts most of the bands I’ve reviewed to shame. I think what really does it is that almost every lyric is sang by all four members at once and it’s wonderfully relentless. The songs have some really fun grooves and licks. They stay incredibly original and inventive which might be why they’re just so appealing. The tracks show off their musicality as well as their sense of humor. Songs like “CHOOSE GO!” and “GREAT JOB,” when matched with the music video are so, so, so much fun. They sound and look like they put a ton of effort into their music and sound as well as their image, with colorful matching outfits and brilliant music videos. This album is already on my top ten for this year so give it a listen!