Curtis’ Prime Slices (2/23 – 3/1): CHAI, Big Data,

CHAI – “Fashionista” [Single] – (rock)

CHAI is an all-female Japanese rock band who’ve been around since 2012.  The majority of the time I shy away from any music that isn’t in english because if I can’t understand or sing along to the lyrics then what’s the point? But I’ve been trying to get away from that mindset because I love this track a ton. They have this groovy instrumentation and unique vocal style that isn’t very comparable to anything else. They use a blend of English and Japanese in most of their songs, maybe as way to be more accessible, but with or without it, their music is still extremely catchy. Check out this song and the rest of their discography!

Big Data – “Unglued” [single] – (electronic pop)

Having been a seriously big fan of the 2.0 album when it came out in 2015 I’m so happy that Alan Wilkis is finally putting out a new album and it really sounds like it’s been worth the wait. This is the fourth single off the upcoming release, 3.0. All of these songs have been incredibly punchy and full with that Big Data drop we’ve come to expect. The music videos and album theme seem to be hinting at a spoof on the Alexa devices that we all know and I don’t know whether to expect some sort of concept album or maybe it’s a device that’ll be sold with the album? No idea, but while you wait give this and the other three tracks a listen!