Album Review: Carissa Johnson – Talk Talk Talk

Boston DIY rocker Carissa Johnson is back with her third album Talk Talk Talk. The album is a tight 9 tracks running just under 30 minutes and is the definition of straight ahead punk rock, but with Johnson’s own twist. The album features her touring band, The Cure-Alls, who give her sound a driving, tight, groove; combine that with her catchy guitar riffs and crisp production and they have an infectious sound.

Her songs clearly take influence from 70’s punk and new wave, but she stays true to herself and makes music that is her own. Her lyrics are fairly straightforward and honest, making them easy to relate to.

While most DIY punk rock bands come from the same influences, their sound falls flat and is forgettable, but Carissa Johnson keeps her sound fresh and unique keeping you coming back for more.

Carissa Johnson will be on tour with her band through the end of April and on Birn Alive this week, Saturday, April 7th.