Strangers by Accident to Appear on BIRN Alive

Tune in to BIRN1 on Wednesday, July 18 at 8:00 p.m. EDT for a live performance and interview with Strangers by Accident.

Formed in Boston, Strangers by Accident are “an authentic, energetic indie-folk act with an old-school respect for their songwriting.” The group was started in 2015 by singer-songwriters Brian Sousa and Amy Wynne, who met by chance and began playing as an acoustic duo at open mics around Boston. Strangers by Accident are now a four-piece band that features three-to-four-part harmonies that have the ability “to cast a spell over the room,” and powerful, lyrically driven songs. Their style veers from suitcase-stomping acoustic to snare-pounding electric, and yet they are still able to stay true to their original roots. They released their second EP, Reckless, in December.

Listen to the live session and interview HERE.