This Week on BIRN Alive: Denitia, Saturday, Oct 14 at 4:00 pm on birn1

Tune in to BIRN1 this Saturday, October 14, for a live performance and interview with emerging singer-songwriter and producer Denitia.

Danitia’s Ceilings is a portrait of an artist awakened. She creates a highly visual experience for fans of her music, through her use of highly artistic, and mindfully produced videos. They drip with symbolism and mysterious imagery, in a very genuine and organic way, that pulls the listener into her world.

After moving to the Rockaways, an isolated, beachside, Queens community, Denitia Odigie found herself turning inward for inspiration. She set out to shed the protective layers her career had imposed, and rediscover what songs and sounds came naturally to her. She also wanted this story to have her name on it: no more aliases, no more hiding.

Denitia discovered a fellow traveler in Daniel Schlett, the owner of the Williamsburg, Brooklyn recording studio, Strange Weather. The pair dug through stacks of Denitia’s demos, selecting the choice cuts that would eventually yield the Ceilings EP. They made the tracks lush with bright vibrant synths and electronic elements, catchy beats, and Denitia’s hypnotic, smoky voice. If Ceilings is only the beginning, she is off to one hell of a start.

Styles Upon Styles released her EP Ceilings on July 21, 2017, in unlimited, digital form.

Check out Denitia’s video for “Open Wide”:

And for “Bound to Happen/Waiting”:

And for “Runnin”:

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