The Rare Occasions and More Live from The Red Room

Tune in to birnCORE on Thursday, June 21, at 8:00 p.m. EDT for a live broadcast from the Red Room at Cafe 939 featuring The Rare Occasions, Colbis the Creature, and RVRCT.

The Rare Occasions are a Los Angeles-based retro band influenced by garage rock music. They mesh angular guitar riffs with indie pop melodies. This variability and depth of styles, layered with lyrical themes of existentialism and self-reflection, are what both define the Rare Occasions and set them apart.

Colbis the Creature is an indie rock/pop band from Boston.

RVRCT (Rivercat) is a Boston based dream pop-psychedelic band formed at Berklee.  Its self-titled debut record was released in 2017, and the band is currently working on a follow-up album, Agave.

Listen here to join the live broadcast on birnCORE.