Interview: Pirate Doug of Pirate! Promotion and Marketing

By: Ruben Radlauer

Generally speaking, the name “Pirate!” brings to mind swashbuckling antiheroes of the seven seas. Those in the music marketing and college radio world, however, have a vastly different association—with an entity that might be partially responsible for bringing your favorite music into the public eye.

Pirate! Is a marketing company that has worked with both major and indie labels (Universal, Warner, Anti-, Kill Rock Stars, Epitaph, Rough Trade are just a few) to promote the work of artists ranging from Alkaline Trio to Tegan & Sara to Mavis Staples and everyone Continue reading “Interview: Pirate Doug of Pirate! Promotion and Marketing”

Live tonight on birnCORE: WOLF! Featuring Scott Metzger

Tune in to birnCORE tonight for a live broadcast from the Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Brooklyn, NY’s WOLF! Featuring Scott Metzger. WOLF! is a Brooklyn-based trio that seamlessly merges soul, blues, country, and rock to create a party where everyone is welcome.

The band, led by Scott Metzger, continues to find new and exciting ways to evolve and push what is possible with the classic formula of guitar, bass, and drums while maintaining a fundamental groove that is irresistible and undeniable.

The show starts at 8:00 PM EST. Tune in HERE

Thank You From the BIRN

With a week and a half left in semester, we wanted to express our thanks to everyone who made this semester a great one! We have been able to broadcast/bring in incredible artists and are looking forward to what next year brings. Thank you to our DJ’s, staff, and everyone who tuned in, making this semester so memorable. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe winter break!

Less Talk More Action

By: Pooja Aggarwal, Co-Station Manager & Communications 

Stay the course. The voice of our protest organizer, Michela McDonagh, rang in our heads on Monday, November 13th, as hundreds of us silently marched down Boylston Street. The protest was organized in response to a recently published Boston Globe article, which discussed incidents of sexual misconduct, by professors, at Berklee. While all of the aforementioned professors were fired, it was the “hush-hush” way in which Berklee Continue reading “Less Talk More Action”

This Week on BIRN Alive: Baerd, Saturday, Nov 11 at 4:00pm on birn1

BAERD is a progressive folk band from Boston, MA. Founded at Berklee College of Music, the group traces together influences from Jazz, Americana, Classical, R&B, and World Music. BAERD’s lyricism and instrumental precision is inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, The Punch Brothers, and Radiohead. Continue reading “This Week on BIRN Alive: Baerd, Saturday, Nov 11 at 4:00pm on birn1”

Show Review: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

by Ruben Radlauer

Following a stint of performance and production workshops for the EPD department, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith took to the Red Room to play a set of beauty and chaos to a room packed with Berklee and non-Berklee people alike.

Both as a technical feat and an artistic expression, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s set was awe inspiring. It was a perfect marriage of experimental pop, ambient music and chaotic noise music, and on top of that most of it was Continue reading “Show Review: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith”

Show Review: Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile

Live at the Orpheum Theatre, Boston
by Erin Ober

I love being one of the firsts at a concert. Anticipation builds as each person files in; as each additional seat fills up. On Saturday night, the 4th of November, I waited patiently in my seat, eavesdropping on conversations about the sold-out show. Old school jukebox tunes floated softly in the air, as the murmuring few turned into a bustling crowd, before my eyes. On stage, every instrument was covered except for two acoustic guitars placed in the middle. Eventually, the lights cut out, and Jen Cloher stepped out on stage, opening the show. Continue reading “Show Review: Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile”

Album Review: Michael Jackson – Scream

Happy Halloween from your friends at The BIRN!
Michael Jackson – Scream
Recommended tracks – 1, 4, 8, 13, 14
Review by Jon O’Neal

Get ready to SCREAM with Michael Jackson’s latest release. Scream is a brand new compilation of Halloween-esque tracks. They span Michael’s multi-decade career, and include hits from the Jacksons, his solo career as well as an amazing 5 song mash-up from White Panda. This album is long overdue for the king of pop, and it’s a great addition to a legendary catalog of music. If you’re still looking to get your Halloween fix, be sure to check out this album! It is currently available on CD and in a really cool vinyl package!