Album Review: They Might Be Giants – Up To Date

Recommended tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6
Review by Jon O’Neal

They Might Be Giants are back at it again with their release, Up To Date, a compilation released through Noisetrade. The album showcases their recent recording efforts, as well as a single from their upcoming 2018 album, I Like Fun. I remember being introduced to the band’s album Flood, when I was younger. Flood contained their hit song, “Particle Man,” as well as my personal favorite, “Minimum Wage.” I cracked up listening to their tunes and dove into a deep appreciation for their catalog of music. TMBG is a prime example of a band that is not afraid to let its “freak flag” fly, and this compilation doesn’t disappoint. Songs like “I Love You For Psychological Reasons,” “Music Jail (Pt. 1 & 2),” and “Let Me Tell You about Operation,” supply the same witty, humorous and musically satisfying style, which founding members, Johns Linnell and Flansburgh, have been dishing out for the past 33 years.

They Might Be Giants will be playing the House of Blues April 27th in support of their new album, I Like Fun. For more info on tour dates, visit: