Show Review: Preoccupations at Brighton Music Hall 4/25

Review by Justin Cameron

Preoccupations came out to an excited crowd at Brighton Music Hall last Wednesday night with album opener, “Espionage.” From there, they ripped through a 13-song set containing a nice balance of new and old songs. Their lights remained dark throughout the set forcing the audiences’ attention on their sound rather than over the top visuals.

Their set was loud, —full of thundering drums and booming bass—but it was balanced. No one instrument overpowered another as Matt Flegel’s voice could clearly be heard. This genre of post-punk can be hard to translate to a live setting due to the mass amounts of effects on the sound, but they did a good job of capturing the tone from their records by using an array of guitar pedals and drum pads.

The band kept the night moving along. They spent short amounts of time in between songs, and let their music do the talking. Their set was short and sweet, lasting just over an hour, but it was the perfect length to showcase their impeccable talent.