Show Review: Joseph at Paradise Rock Club (9/27)

It’s a Friday night at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club. The lights go down, the band walks out, and the crowd’s excitement is almost tangible. As the musicians of Joseph come to the front of the stage, however, it is clear that this concert is going to be something special.

Unlike many other groups, Joseph has three lead singers – sisters Natalie Closer Schepman, Allison Closner, and Meegan Closner. They all shared the spotlight Friday night in a spectacular folk-y show. Each sister took her turn being the lead singer and then stepped back to give another sister the spotlight. It was nothing short of amazing to hear each of the sisters’ powerhouse vocals and perfect harmonies. Natalie, Allison, and Meegan all have similar voices, yet at the same time they are so all different, as they each use their voices differently to tell their story as songwriters and artists.

When Joseph played, it truly felt like the audience became a part of the family. They guided the crowd through the ups and downs of life through their songs – both from past albums and from their latest release, Good Luck, Kid. The band (comprised of electric guitar, drums, and keys in addition to the sisters’ vocals and Natalie’s guitar) got the audience hyped up with their songs “Green Eyes” and “White Flag”, and the audience happily ooh-d and sang along. Joseph even brought the lead singer of opening act Deep Sea Diver (who did an amazing job of warming up the crowd), Jessica Dobson, up on stage to play a song with them, and it was amazing to see a live collaboration between artists.

In addition to these more upbeat songs, Joseph also shared some very personal moments with the listeners. It was extremely touching when Allison opened up about her struggle with anxiety, and how it was the inspiration for the song “Half Truths”. My personal favorite moment, however, was when the backing band stepped off the stage, and the sisters performed as a trio as they had when they first started performing. This led to my favorite performance of the night, and that was the performance of “Room For You”. Natalie explained the inspiration for the song, saying that it came when she held her friend’s baby for the first time and realized that we should all be kinder to one another. It felt so personal, and it seemed as though the crowd felt at peace and a little closer with fellow concert-goers.

Overall, Joseph’s performance at Paradise Rock Club was exhilarating, inspiring, and heart-warming. From Allison’s honesty as a songwriter to Meegan’s energetic performance and Natalie’s warm and welcoming spirit, the sisters of Joseph really make you a part of the family. It was truly a privilege to be able to see such a talented and artistic group live, and I cannot wait to see them again the next time they are in Boston!