Show Review: Editors at Paradise Rock Club 5/16

Story by Justin Cameron

Editors brought their Violence tour to Boston a couple weeks ago. The band’s set was heavy on the new songs, playing 6 of the 9 from Violence, and they all translated well to a live setting. They sounded almost exactly as they do on record, if not better, and the crowd seemed to agree. The majority of the crowd actually ended up dancing to the songs, and the band seemed to feed off that energy, giving an energetic set from start to finish.

The lights perfectly complimented their sound: flashing during the heavier, more industrial parts, and calming down for the quieter songs. Editors’ sound combined with the lights ended up being very reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

These days, Editors has a high energy, danceable set that should not be missed.