Show Review: Dead Horses and Kate Rhudy at the Red Room 4/11

Review by Allie Kersten (Dead Horses) and Curtis Heimburger (Kate Rhudy)

On Thursday, April 12, the Dead Horses played their first ever show in Boston at the Red Room. They seemed to make the new environment intimate and familiar in no time by schmoozing with the audience as though they were long-time friends. This was the ninth show on their My Mother The Moon Album Release Tour.

Most of the songs that Dead Horses played Thursday night were from My Mother The Moon, including all-time favorites like “Turntables”, “American Poor”, and “My Many Days.” The group’s close bond is clearly portrayed in their playing and stage presence. Throughout the show, the exchanges of smiles and laughs are obvious as they play some of their own favorite tunes. It seems as though each of the members had their own special song in the set.

Every song had unique characteristics that you could pick out to match the persona of a band member (or multiple members). Sarah Vos (lead vocals/guitar) and Daniel Wolff (double bass/vocals) were joined by their outstanding tour members, Ryan Ogburn (mandolin/vocals) and Jamie Gallagher (drums). Ryan and Jamie seemed to be the perfect match for Dead Horses. Ryan switched between a couple different types of mandolins and an electric guitar, playing effortless and beautiful melodies on each. Jamie on the other hand, played his drum set as if it were a part of his soul. He used his whole body and every inch of his equipment to create all sorts of sounds throughout the show. Sometimes he would spin his symbols to support rippling feelings in the music, while other times he would use his hand to drum rather than sticks or brushes to express a soft timbre. Everyone in the group had their own unique personality with their instrument and the way that they played. It made the show that much more interesting to watch.

Opening up for the Dead Horses was North Carolina folk singer/songwriter, Kate Rhudy. Equipped with an acoustic guitar and a very large bottle of water she took to the stage. Kate is very soft spoken, but makes up for it with her witty sense of humor that shows up often in her songs including “I Don’t Like You or Your Band” and “Kissing My Friends.” Being a sucker for good lyrics I had my fingers crossed and sure enough, she delivered. Her songs were all very personal but very relatable: talking about past relationships, bad tours, and one lonely Independence Day. I found myself both trying to contain my laughter & my tears during her set and was extremely impressed that one person could move me like that. Behind every song she played there was a story and Kate is able to reel you into her world with ease.

All in all, both Dead Horses and Kate Rhudy wowed the crowd with their talent and friendly, warm, and comedic personalities. They complimented each other perfectly and created a cozy environment that everyone should experience. Dead Horses will be touring until July 22nd and Kate will be with them until May 2nd, so make sure to catch them if you can!

Check out Dead Horses’ most popular song, “Turntables” below.

Check out Kate Rhudy’s crowd favorite song from the show, “I Don’t Like You or Your Band.”