Ryan’s Reviews: Feelgood by Winona Forever

Winona ForeverFeelgood – (indie pop)

Montreal-based band Winona Forever‘s 2019 release Feelgood seems to be a romantic summer turned into an album, and with titles like “Keep Kool,” “Happy Days,” and “Back seat,” it’s not hard to see why.

This album is a beautiful mix of lo-fi and “in the pocket” rhythms. The entire album feels like a fluid combination of Mac DeMarco, The Dirty Projectors and Vulfpeck. The guitar tone is clean but soaked in tape wow and flutter, which gives the very modern and clean sound but a throwback to an extremely retro feel. The lead singer’s vocals are close, clean and intimate, which really manage to get the listener’s attention through the occasionally muddy mix of lo-fi guitar and upfront drums.

Finally, Feelgood is a great culmination of various styles that have arrived on the scene in the last few years, but with a sound that is unique and fresh. In my opinion, as far as album titles go, Feelgood is a perfect way to describe it. This album would be great for a rainy day or a sunny beach, and just makes you feel at home.

Feelgood is for sale on Spotify, and Bandcamp (download or vinyl).