Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (11/18 – 11/23): The Districts, Hoops

The Districts – “Hey Jo” [single] – indie rock

Indie rock’s newest shining star is a band called The Districts, and they’re making big strides! Featuring a light ambient arrangement and a smooth emotive vocal cutting through the mix, this song is an up and coming indie anthem, leaving us all excited to hear what’s next! The lyrics of this tune paint an uncertainty and pain of being left behind. This single from The Districts  newest album “You Know Im Not Going Anywhere” that is set to release in the coming months.

Were are all very excited to hear what they come out with next, so give it a listen and see for yourself!


Hoops – “They Say” [single] – indie rock

Releasing their newest single in two years, Indiana dreampop trio, Hoops are back after a long hiatus and better than ever! This track breaks into a smooth funk inspired  groove that gets you moving before the first word. The smooth vocal styling swaddles the entire song in warmth, and relaxation tying the entire arrangement together. “They Say” is a feel good song that’s bound for the charts and we’re all excited to have them back! Hoops are on tour for the first time since their hiatus and you can see them live, December 4th at The Dance in New York City!

Listen down below!