Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (10/20-10/26): Pearly, Big Search

Pearly – “Chain Of Coral”[Single]  -indie rock

Bordering on ambient, “Chain of Coral” is a mellow,  yet very inviting song that really folds into the scenery of everyday life. This song features a very simple arrangement of acoustic guitar, piano, haunting harmonies that create a very unique sound that only Pearly could get away with. This song is overall intense, haunting and calm; and chugs along with a plethora of ocean imagery and a beautiful sonic pallet, but with an undeniable sense of anxiety. This tune is great and I would recommend the listen!





Big Search – ” Thin Veil of Time”- indie rock

Being somewhat reminiscent of 70s soft rock, “Thin Veil of Time” has a very folky throwback sound, and is the latest release by artist Big Search. The tune feels incredibly laid back and loose; with instruments constantly coming in and out, and this ebb and flow keeps this song interesting. The lyrics of this song harken back to the more psychedelic inspired songs of the 70s yet the arrangement makes the tune feel fresh and modern. This is definitely one of the better Indie tunes to come out of 2019! Check it out below!