Ruby’s Prime Slices of the Week (2/18-2/25)

Charlotte Day Wilson – Stone Woman (R&B)

Stone Woman is a stellar R&B EP full of rich warm production and a strong vocal lead. Charlotte Day Wilson delivers the intimacy of a lo-fi release with the clarity of a Billboard top 40 artist. Stone Woman is at times textural and ethereal and at other times sensual and direct.

Favorite Tracks: All of them… there’s only 6.

Sloppy Jane Willow (Experimental Rock)

Willow is the debut album from Brooklyn based very large (8-11 piece) band. Band leader and only constant member of Sloppy Jane, Haley Dahl, describes Willow as “a nonfiction story about a girl named Willow who existed within the walls of a strip club in Inglewood”.  The album traverses through punk, pastiche, doom, garage rock, and children’s music, sometimes in the span of a single song, yet is kept fully cohesive by the eeriness and panic of the whole thing. Both lead and backup vocals switch between dreamy harmonies and snarling and psychotic laughter. Willow is the manic soundtrack to a descent into insanity.

Favorite Tracks: King Hazy Lady, King Mitis, Peroxide Beach