Listen to Night Sessions with Brooke Annibale and Haylee Sabella Tonight on BIRN1

Don’t forget to tune in to BIRN 1 tonight at 8:00 p.m. for a special in-studio performance and interview with two amazing songwriters, Brooke Annibale and Hayley Sabella. Click here to listen to the show on Birn1.

Pittsburgh native Brooke Annibale found her passion for songwriting and musicianship at a young age, growing up in a family who owned a music store. Learning guitar from her grandfather, her music has evolved from a folkier sound to a sound that is more unique to her. With her magnetic voice and expressive songwriting capabilities, she offers a fusion of textured electronic and traditional instrumentation while remaining true to her acoustic beginnings. Annibale’s latest full-length album titled Hold to the Light continues to push sonic boundaries with songs that portray memories of pain and joy with a perspective suspended in the past, making her messages even more effective.

As an indie-folk artist, Hayley Sabella combines gripping melodies with intimate lyrics to create a sonic landscape that feel the way her native New England coastline makes you feel described by Rolling Stone Country as, “sometimes cold and deadly, other times refreshing and full of life.” Her distinct style has led her to several opportunities supporting legendary artists such as Emmylou Harris, Ry Cooder and Ryley Walker. In 2018, Hayley released her second full-length album, Forgive the Birds, which received acclaim from Billboard, Rolling Stone Country, and The Bluegrass Situation. Forgive the Birds was inspired by the dramatic landscape of Cape Cod with its vast seasonal changes with songs that touch on themes of death and rebirth, vulnerability, strength, pain, and love. Sabella’s upcoming EP, Flew the Nest, is a continuation of this story serving as an EP of transition sonically and thematically, stirring feelings of nostalgia that generally come in a period of transition.