Curtis’ Prime Slices (10/13 – 10/20): Johnny Payne, Sune Rose

    Johnny Payne – Johnny  (pop indie rock)

Something I’ve noticed about most modern pop-based groups is the lack of hooky innocence that a lot of 50’s and 60’s bands used to have. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but I love a good song about holding hands. Which is why when I heard Johnny Payne’s new EP Johnny, it was like a breath of fresh air. Known previously as the co-frontman for The Shilohs, Payne has decided to leave and pursue a career of his own. This release gives off feelings of hope as he discusses trying to find comfort in letting go of the past. Songs like “Lazy Love” and “Alice On the Other Side,” are great examples. To sum up Johnny’s sound, as described by himself, it’s chipped champagne glasses, smeared bathroom mirrors and a lone romantic standing under the disco ball waiting for a slow dance.

   Sune Rose – After All [Single]  (electric indie rock)

Continuing on the topic of artists going solo, Sune Rose just released a fun new single called “After All.” Known for his role in The Ravonettes, if you were a fan of The Husky Loops song from last week, you’ll be sure to love this. The song is an unforgiving conversation about the pain of growing apart from someone you love and the need to accept that leaving is only for the best. The key line in the chorus being “It’s a waste of you and I.” Who Sune may be talking about is unknown to me but I’m only hoping its not about his band.