Christian Lopez and Jacksonville Kid: Live from the Red Room @ Cafe 939, Friday, Oct 6 at 8:00pm on birnCORE

For singer-songwriter and guitarist Christian Lopez, Nashville, Tennessee, has become a home away from home. It’s where he goes to write, where he rehearses with his band, and where he recorded his debut album and his upcoming album, Red Arrow.

For those unfamiliar with Lopez, Red Arrow will introduce an artist whose singing radiates youthful infatuation with life through songs rooted in a reverence for American tradition. For those already familiar with Lopez, the album documents the next stage of a journey toward wisdom, insight, perhaps heartbreak, and a fruitful crop of great songs to come.

For Lopez, maybe it’s a ticket on that trip that will lead to faraway places yet end back home in West Virginia. Through his music we travel with him, beginning here.

Jacksonville Kid, led by Jacob Allen, melds folk, rock, Americana, and indie influences. Its music is equal parts heartfelt lyrics, humorous anecdotes, and simplicity. The band’s single “Blind” is available now.

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