Childish Japes, Killer Cortez, and Lev Freedman Live from The Red Room

Tune in tonight, June 5 at 8:00 p.m. EDT to birnCORE for a live broadcast from the Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Childish Japes, Killer Cortez, and Lev Freedman.

Childish Japes is equal parts collective, band, and art project—committed to fearless musical exploration and a blurring of genre lines. With no fixed front person, it constantly features a slew of killer singers, rappers, and instrumentalists (or just playing as a trio). At this show, the band will play its entire new album, Salamandra, which features Berklee College of Music alumnus and emotive powerhouse Dave Vives on vocals.

Killer Cortez is a Boston, Massachusetts–based progressive rock bandmade up of two-thirds of the former band Moniker. The band upends convention with its cavernous sound and dynamic, multilayered compositions. Its sound has been described as sonic storytelling with U2 textures, Radiohead rhythms, Pink Floyd psychedelia, and Muse levels of apocalyptic stadium rock. The band is currently working on a follow-up to its debut album and expects to release it later this year.

Lev Freedman is a singer-songwriter from Newburgh, New York. His deeply personal songwriting and soothing pop vocals make for a powerful show. Freedman’s influences range from artists such as James Taylor to Frank Ocean. Lev is Currently in his last year at Berklee College of Music, and he is preparing for a career in songwriting and performing.

Listen here to join the live broadcast on birnCORE!