Album Review: Brazilian Girls, Lets Make Love

The Brazilian Girls are an eclectic group of four musicians (Sabina Sciubba, Jesse Murphy, Didi Gutman, and Aaron Johnston) with an intense musical chemistry and a shared passion for the unexpected. Surprisingly, none of the members are actually from Brazil, and Sabina is the only female of the bunch. Their most recent release, “Let’s Make Love”, is an incredible example of the chaotically original, yet polished sound the Brazilian Girls are able to create.

The first track Pirates, which was released as the first single off of the album, is powerfully punchy and aggressively danceable. The driving, distorted guitar brings forward a sense of urgency, broken by an airy chorus with dreamy background vocals floating behind Sciubba’s stunning falsetto. In songs like Wild Wild Web, the band brings in influences from the 80s in the opening synth line and groovy bass line, while songs like Lets Make Love feature organs and a church choir-like section. Even though each track seems fairly different musically, the album as a whole emits a strong and specifc vibe that only the Brazilian Girls can pull off.

There is a strange and enticing contradictory quality to this band; although they don’t seem to take themselves to seriously, there is such an obvious sense of poetic meaning and artistic voice behind everything they put out into the world. They are free and improvisational in every sense of the word, while also maintaining a clear theme and mood throughout their work and general existence. The Brazilian Girls will keep you on the edge of your seat, as will this album. Give it a listen and get to the gig this Sunday, May 6th at the Brighton Music Hall, so you can see what these guys are all about in person – the live shows are supposed to be incredible!