Album Review: Scenery by Emily King

Three years since the release of her game-changing album, The Switch, Emily King has finally released her long-awaited follow-up titled Scenery. King has introduced a new wave of sounds in this album, while still sticking to her distinct breathy tones and interesting melodic rhythms. She brings a dose of ’80s pop to both her sound and look on this album, which will definitely attract a wide array of new listeners. Her album art perfectly compliments the 12 songs on this album. Simple, with a pop of ’80s inspired pink in both the background and the rose she holds in her hand.

The album starts with a track titled “Remind Me,” which introduces an upbeat airy vibe. The track is catchy and perfectly combines King’s old and new sounds, making the listener want to hear more. What I love about the album most, is that all of the songs make perfect sense as a collection. There’s nothing more satisfying than listening to an album that makes sense together. All of the tracks display flares of experimental production, while also giving us familiar R&B inspired harmonies.

The last song on the album is titled “Go Back.” This song is sentimental and will hit you in your feels. King talks about leaving a comfortable place, whether it be your home or somewhere you’ve resided for a while, and discusses the feeling of needing to move on although it may be difficult. “Kiss my mother, tell her I’ll be okay. Couldn’t stay here, I had to find my own way. Well, there’s something better, there’s got to be better, I know I’m gonna find it someday,” King sings in a sorrowful, yet hopeful way. The song then opens up to a beautiful bridge, again letting the listener feel a sense of relief and that everything will be okay.

I would highly recommend this album for people who love Lalah Hathaway, Lianna La Havas, and Eryn Allen Kane. King is currently on tour and will be playing the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on April 7.

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